Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Day 51

Snack - 9:00am
1/3 wheat tortilla roll
1 cup hot green tea

Breakfast - 10:00am
1/2 cup cooked rolled oatmeal w/ wheatberries and PB
1 cup strawberries
3 boiled egg whites
1/3 toasted honey wheat bagel

Snack - 11:30am
1/4 bagel w/PB

Midday workout - 12:00pm - drink protein shake during workout
Chest and some legs

Lunch - 2:30pm
Buffalo burger on toasted honey wheat bagel w/ sauteed green beans
1.5 cup strawberries

Snack - 4:30pm
1/2 toasted honey wheat bagel w/ PB
1/3 honey wheat roll
1/4 medium apple

Dinner - 7:00pm
Roasted chicken w/ sauteed spinach, black beans and brown rice.
1 cup strawberries

Snack - 9:00pm
1/2 toasted honey wheat bagel w/ PB
1/2 medium apple w/ PB

Note: Sister J may be staying with me for a few days. It is always nice to have guest at the apt. Hope she will feel comfortable while she is here. I made buffalo burgers last night and they were so so good. I cannot believe that buffalo is leaner than regular beef because that meat was so juicy. I've been eating a bit more carbs than usual. Not sure why. I will try to scale it back a bit if I can. I don't have a long run this coming weekend so I really should not be eating so much carbs.

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