Thursday, March 12, 2009

I *heart* Clean Eating!

When I first started eating clean, I have to admit that it was hard even though I had tried it once 2 years ago for about a month. In actuality, looking back, I don't think I was eating as clean or nearly as clean as I am now. I am on day 32 of mostly eating clean and I must say that I feel great. I feel so much less bloating and leaner overall. I have so much more energy and I sleep very well.

When I first started, I was craving salt, sugar, and fat but sticking with clean eating, I very rarely crave it now. My workouts have also been so much better. I can actually see results from the work I am doing in the gym because I am eating a good diet. So it encourages me to workout out and continue eating clean. Eating clean has also helped with my colitis immensely.

It is odd to me that our society has come to eating so much packaged, overly processed and simplified junk food that eating a normal diet of whole foods is considered "clean" when it should be a normal every day thing. Our society has struggled with diets, food and nutrition in general for many years and still are. People would shy away from certain food groups or fat or carbs, etc. when they should have been incorporating these things in moderations into their everyday eating.

It's funny but it gives me such a good feeling when I go shopping in the grocery store and I only shop the perimeters where the meats, veggies and eggs are and very rarely go in the middle isles. I was eating some green beans a couple of nights ago when I thought to myself that if someone wanted, they could potentially eat a boat load of these and they would still not be going overboard but no one would because these things are very filling. I've really come to love fresh veggies for their great taste and the way they keep me feeling full.

This coming month, I am planning to try cooking and eating some new veggies. As much as I love green beans and asparagus, I think I need some more variety. Going to the farmer's market this weekend. Let's see what I can find there. : )

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