Friday, November 20, 2009

I'm back...

Yes, just when it seems like I've abandoned my blog, I'm back from the black hole. Sometimes my job really gets in the way of my blogging..go figure! >_< So I spent much of this week holed-up in a hotel conference room from day to night..and then repeat the next day. It was pretty draining to have to sit still for that long. To add insults to injuries, I also had to stay out most of those nights because I was in charge of after meeting entertainment. If you are sitting there saying something like..."so"? Well, I am just not that hardy to begin with and you will mostly find me in bed by 10pm on most nights so staying out til 10pm on any night is hard for me. I don't deal with stress very well. So I spent most of this week eating. Yes eating really bad for you foods that tastes so good in order to cope with the stress of meetings and organizing things. To say that I was feeling crappy is an understatement. It makes me realize why I try to workout and eat right most days of the year because eating all that rich food and not exercising is really bad for you. Today was the first day I felt "right" again. I'm glad I only have to do that once a year because it is just too much for me to handle. I was thinking to myself on the third day how if it had lasted 2 more days, I would have lost it. Yeah I'm brittle like that.

Below is a collage of stuff I found on my camera when I uploaded the photos from this past week. You will noticed one meal in there that I was not embarass to post that I ate this week. The rest is something that only my fork and plate will ever know. I baked some cupcakes...I am going to stop baking for a while...I might start up again in January or February. That bowling scene is from Strike in the Tustin Shopping Center. Those macarons are from B. Louie in LA when the sisters and I went to eat at Soi 7. Such yummy veggie pad thai. I could die! I had a weird sticky rice and mango craving last night and it reminded me of the pad thai! Haha. Finally, since I was not home much this week, not much has been happening on the crocheting front. I am dying to make some stuff. Luckily, I am taking all of next week off to relax. Going to Vegas early December to run LV RnR Half. I'm pretty excited, I've been running pretty good so I am looking to PR maybe! :D

Monday, November 9, 2009

Review of my Weekend

Well I must say that my weekend was rather unproductive. I mainly relaxed and cleaned my place a bit. I got in a 10 miler on Sunday morning. Good pace so I was happy about that and was done by 8am, really happy about that. I baked more cookies and made more crochet friends. I went to get ramen at my beloved Santoka and an oniguri at the stall next to it. I was a happy girl. I need to eat more salad...hahaha.

This week, I plan to run more and get in a couple of blog entries if at all possible. Gotta get ingredients together soon to make everyone's favorite no bake pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving. I feel like such a slacker each year as this is the only thing I am responsible for making...haha. I will get some decor for the house as well.

Sister S's birthday is coming up and I am working on a surprise for her. Lots of holiday events also coming up at the workplace so I have to brace for that...well it's a good thing!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Lions and Cookies and Clean Eating...Oh My!

I've been so bad with blogging lately but I've had a busy week. Anyways, I was looking through some of my old clean eating logs and miss the days when I use to be so discipline about my diet. For the most part, I've been eating decent but I think starting next week, I am ready to clean up my diet again. In the meantime, I baked cookies last night and looked who helped me! I feel like I haven't accomplished much this week. Mostly, I feel like I've been at work too much. I think I may take the whole week of Thanksgiving off. I hope these cookies disppear quickly as I want to bake up a batch of red velvet cupcakes soon.

In running related news, the first week of POTM is almost over and I only have 2-3 runs to show for it. I am planning to go into the gym today and see how many I can crank out. I did a weird calculation that if I want to be in the top tier, I would have to run at least 6.5 miles a day. This is taking into consideration all my long runs and days off. So on the days I am to run, I need to do at least 6.5. If I do more one day, I can do less the next day. Yeah, this is just a plan, it isn't going as planned..hahaha.