Sunday, April 27, 2008

2008 La Jolla Half Marathon - Race Recap

Date: April 27, 2008
Location: Del Mar to La Jolla, CA
Finish: 2:03:40

This race was part 2 of 3 for the Half Marathon Triple Crown Series. This race recap is just based on what I can recall of that day which happened many years ago. I co-wrote a race recap with my sister here. That report was actually written shortly after we completed the race so it is probably more detailed. This post is mostly photos and stuff we did pre-race.

We stayed at a hotel near the starting line which was nice since we got to sleep in a bit more. In exchange for doing this, we had to wait around the finishing area at La Jolla for the bus to take us back to the starting line.

Sister J and I went down to La Jolla on the Saturday before race day to pick up our race packets. We walked around La Jolla a bit since it was a nice sunny day. We walked past a bakery that sold animal shaped cookies. I thought they were so cute.

Check out these Hello Kitty candied apples. 

Here we are on race morning. 

"Borrowed" photo of me crossing the finish line. 

Another "borrowed" photo of me. 


This course was not easy but it was beautiful! The most beautiful part of this race actually around the part where it is most difficult. The weather was perfect running weather in 2008. I really enjoyed running this and am not sure why I haven't ran it since. I am thinking of revisiting this race in 2012 since it sold out this year because I lolly-gagged.