Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Flip Belt Review

It's been a long time since I've written a product review so you know that I really like this thing. What thing you ask? This thing...the Flip Belt!

I took so much time off from running that when I got back to it again I couldn't find any of my old running paraphernalia which included my old running iFitness belt. It's funny, I had to root around my garage looking for the box of workout clothes I had packed away. I couldn't remember which pair of running shoes were still good. All my supplements and GUs were long expired and I had to sadly throw them out. Then on top of that I couldn't find my fuel belt. I had to go on that run without it. If you know me then you know I have a tendency to tote around a bunch of crap with me on my runs so needless to say I somehow had to get another belt quickly. So I went online and did a quick search and the first thing that popped up was the Flip Belt. I don't like change so I skipped over it and tried to see if I could find the site where I purchased my old running belt. It took a lot of digging around but I did find a vendor but I could not help but notice all the positive reviews that the Flip Belt was getting so I spent a couple of days reading reviews and asking around. The next day I decided to order it. I got it pretty quickly and upon my return from the test run, I could tell that it was worth the purchase. It's spandex-y so it fits snug around your waist and hip. I wear mine somewhere in the middle of my waist/hip. I cram my iPhone in there and there is absolutely no bouncing whatsoever. I can't even tell I have the belt on half the time. There is a key strap so your keys won't fall out. You're supposed to flip the belt inward once you put your stuff in so that nothing falls out but I don't do that since nothing has fallen out yet. So yeah, I love this thing and use it every time I go out on a run. I might even get another one in black. That's how much I love it!

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

You Got This

Wow...just dropped in because I felt like writing a post today and noticed that it has almost been a year since I last wrote anything. Kids, man! Okay, so I only have one but to be fair he can be a handful.

My poor little running blog has seen better days. So many times I've dropped in to start a post but ended up scrapping it. Mostly because I only managed to throw together two sentences before I got bored. I guess I am having a major bout of lack of blogging motivation. Is that just called writer's block?

Anyways, I'm not sure why I haven't blogged more because I'm been working out a ton, which includes lots of running. The month of May actually turned out to be one of my highest mileage months ever. Crazy, right? I guess trading in my weekly long runs for several shorter runs was "same-same" but different. Fitness-wise I'm mostly back to my pre-baby level. For example, I'm running faster paces now as compared to my pre-baby self during peak training periods. Although, I haven't quite gotten back to running long miles on the weekends yet since I'm not training for anything currently.

Speaking of that...I was quite content with the amount of running I've been doing but recently I started to get the "marathon running itch" again. Where's the "uh oh" emoji? I don't know where these feelings are going to take me. For the longest time, my one and only driving force to train was to qualify for Boston but now that I have done that twice and ran Boston I can't seem to find my focus or I guess figure out a new goal. I mean, I guess I can try to qualify for Boston again. Yeah...what to do?

So I guess this is the reason why I haven't gotten back into the marathon game. Although, I have to say that my love for running still burns strong. People are constantly asking me what I am training for and I know it is because they see the passion or umm rather my red face and sweaty clothes after a run. It feels different to say that I am not training for anything and that I run just because I like to. People look at you weird when you run for no apparent reason at all I guess. Whatever.

For the time being, I guess I'm secretly marathon hunting but I guess that's not much of a secret anymore. I wanted to post a current photo of me but apparently I must be camera shy because I don't have many, especially not of me running. I only have this photo that I posted to Instagram recently of me getting my gainz on at the gym. See those 25 lb dumbbells? I use them.  >_<