Wednesday, June 9, 2010

What am I...a camel? (iFitness Review)

I've always been one of those people who over pack. I can easily pack a suitcase full of stuff for an over-nighter. On any given day, I can be seen out and about toting around at least 2 bags. Of what you may ask. Oh, you know, random knick-knacks and I have lots of it. So it comes as no surprise that I own 2 different fuel belts for my running habit. They are both from AmphiPod. One is a 3 bottle belt with a small pack for storing phones/keys/GUs and the other is just a fanny pack-like belt that I take with me on shorter runs but still feel the need to bring a bunch of crap along. When I first purchased these two belts, I was really happy with them because up to that point, I was only able to carry 1 GU in the back pocket of my Nike shorts. Or my other favorite go-to method of training before I got a fuel belt was to go to the park near my parents' house and do my 20-miler around the park's 2.5 mile loop. I would park my car at a designated spot and everytime I completed one loop, I could stop and rehydrate and such. Yeah, it was no fun to run in circles. So when I finally got serious about my long runs, I decided to look into fuel belts.

Then this past weekend while I was walking around the SD RnR Expo, I felt the need to add to my collection of fuel belts when I walked past the iFitness table. I honestly don't have an impulsive shopping problem and the reason I was even looking to buy a new fuel belt is because my other 2 have been chafing me on my runs lately. Plus they tend to bounce a bit if you don't strap them in really tight which can cause chafing especially if you are sweaty. And after running 20+ miles of running, there is almost always some chafing around my waistline. So I forked over some cash in exchange for a black with pink trim iFitness belt with the double pouch. The material is stretchy and soft. I just want to say that I love this thing! It might have been a stupid move on my part to wear it for the very first time at the SD RnR Marathon but this thing did not disappoint me. I love that it is wore low on the waist. Being the pack mule/camel that I am, I stuffed 4 GUs and my hotel card in one pouch and my Blackberry and pill case in the other and at no time did this thing bounce. I almost forgot it was there. I'm pretty sure I can probably get more stuff in those pouches if I tried. And even after running a marathon, there was no chafing! None! Wow, I am really happy with this purchase and for me it is worth the $27. I am hoping that one day my running will improve enough that I don't have to lug around all this junk to get me through a long run but until that day comes, I'm glad I have this thing.

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