Wednesday, March 18, 2009

UCI Farmer's Market

So this past Saturday, sister K and I went to the UCI Farmer's Market. I remember I had gone maybe 1 or 2 other times years ago. We were excited to see what they were selling. It was a nice overcast warm-ish day and we got there near the tail end. I ended up getting one bunch of asparagus and a basket of strawberries. I really need to learn to cook some other kinds of veggies. The produce was not cheap but I think they are mostly organic. Sister K bought some homemade hummus, which was really spicy (just the way she likes it). Some guy was desperately trying to sell me some nuts and dried fruits. I almost caved in but on second look, I noticed that almost everything he had was salted or sugared. So I decline and walked away even though I really did wanted to buy something from him. I might go again sometime but the parking is so bad that I will either need to go when they first open or towards the end. I also noticed they sold hand made things like bags, candles, knitted items. Overall, it was worth our time. The image I am posting is a stock image from someone else as I was lazy that day to take photos.

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