Saturday, May 7, 2011

Jumping Right Into It

Went out for my first long run for Ojai Marathon training just a weekend after last week's race and I felt tired but it was such a nice day for running. Overcast! I completed 12 miles and then an extra mile to walk back to an area of the Back Bay that was in bloom. I wanted to take some photos so that 13th mile was a cool down and I did not count it. There are these tiny little yellow flowers growing in the Back Bay currently that are so amazing when they are all blooming at the same time. They have been doing this for the past two months now but this is the first time I actually got my act together to go back to my car to fetch my camera to capture them.

I run here a lot, feels like home! :) It is a nice place to run for sure.

Crazy beautiful!

After my run, I went over to the Farmers Market to pick up some produce for the week. I haven't been to the Farmers Market in weeks due to Saturday morning long runs but since this week was a shorter long run, I made it! I picked up some Gama Farm Fresh Eggs! These eggs are incredible. They are huge!

It is almost cherry season folks! They are not quite ready yet but still very pretty!

Seems like you can always find citrus.

There is this veggie stall that sells only leafy greens. I like that they sell greens that I normally need to go to the Asian market to find.

I purchased two bunch of water spinach. I love water spinach!

And since the cherries were not quite ready yet, I got these organic strawberries. These babies were definitely in season and are so sweet!

Here they are going for a little swim!

Then I made myself some breakfast. I had a bunch of chard in the fridge from who knows when. I sauteed the chard and cooked an egg over-easy with smoked papika. I learned from this girl that sprinkling some paprika on top of fried eggs makes them have a bacon-y taste. It's a neat trick! I had some left over beef and flat-bread from a Persian meal I had the other night, so I just threw it all together. It was mighty tasty!

Then I cooked the Man his breakfast after he came back from taking my car in for service. I think I added too much water to the pancake batter because they were really thin. That stack there is like 6 pancakes!! I think I also overcooked the over-easy eggs. Oops! At least I didn't mess up the microwave-able turkey sausage. :D

Then it was bothering playing with Teddy time. And by "playing" I really mean that I am following him around with my camera waiting for him to do something cute. He was not cooperating!

He's really annoyed at me here. Stop being a paparazzi momma!

Then he fell asleep. End of paparazzi practice! Zzzzzz.

So I went back to packing up my mom's Mother's Day gift. Lots happening this weekend. Hope everyone gets a chance to show their moms how special they all are. I know I will! I love you Mommy! Be back Monday for weekend recap.


Adam said...

I really wish there were some good farmers markets here in Phoenix. There are some, but they are just so/so.

Those cherries looked AMAZING!

Adam said...

Oh, and nice work on the run so soon after the race. I had the same feeling today - tired legs.

Cara @ EAT. PRAY. RUN. said...

It was such a great day to run here...I did crystal cove and was loving the overcast, especially compared to last weekends sun and heat! Good job getting right back out there after last weekends race!