Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

So I got a haircut today! It's been six months! Yeah it's painfully obvious that I care very little about the way I look. And to be honest, I didn't go get it cut because I was noticing that I was looking haggard. I actually went because the darn hair was getting so heavy that it started to give me headaches and running with it was like running with a animal attached to my head.

It looks much healthier now. It was cut 2 inches but I'm actually glad to be rid of those 2 yucky inches.

In running related ramblings, I am now 2.5 weeks out from the Ojai Marathon. I've been getting in some good training runs so if all things go as planned I hope to see a "3:xx" in my official time. Sometimes I feel bad that I am not as dedicated a runner as I want to be, which is why it has taken this long for me to really focus on my training. I always have big dreams but lack the discipline to make them happen. I mean I love to run but I don't love it more than spending time with loved ones or partaking in some of my other hobbies. I'm definitely not one of those people who will go run rain or shine. I guess you can say that I'm more of a fair weather runner. I feel like this approach has helped me maintain balance in my life and is the reason why even after 10+ years since I first started to run that I still love to run. I actually love it more now than when I first started. Back then I was running mainly to maintain my weight. Now, I run because it makes me feel alive!

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Nobel4Lit said...

That is a cool before/after shot! I actually did the same thing before I cut my hair in March, though the results don't look as dramatic. I shall do a post about it sometime, too, LOL.