Sunday, May 29, 2011

Laguna Hills Half Marathon Eve

So you are going to get to see what I do the day before a race. As long as you don't expect too much, everything will be okay. So I slept in again today. The shingles are finally starting to heal and for the first time in many days, it is not as painful or itchy. I may be able to get to sleep tonight without the aid of Benedryl. Yay!

When I finally woke up, I went for a nice 4 miles warm up run. Then I got cleaned up and made some breakfast.


Mine! One egg over medium served on top of sauteed spinach. Yum!

Then I went to pickup my race packet.

Look how cute these volunteers are! They were so much smarter than a lot of adult volunteers I've encountered at registration tables. Thanks boys!

Picked up my goodie bag and shirt. Gag, the shirt is not cute! I'm going to say it is borderline fugly.

The course. Same as last year. I'm ready for it!

Unfortunately we came here. I say "unfortunately" because I think I signed up for The Fitness Dish's sugar detox challenge and I failed on the very first day. So I'm not even going to try since I am going on vacation this week. Blah!

Cold Stone...I always miss ice cream when I come here. It smells so good.


Mine! Yes I eat a plain waffle cone and pretend there is ice cream in there. Don't feel bad for me, the waffle cone is the best part anyways. :)

We sat under this umbrella and enjoyed our snack.

Next to this fountain. Ah, it was a lovely afternoon.

I picked up a couple of things to wear to the Disco theme birthday party tonight. How do you like those disco ball-ish earrings? Cool, right?

All gone!

Here are the goodies from the Laguna Hills Half bag. Nothing to write home about. Why did they give out a toothbrush? It wasn't all bad, there is a free pazookie coupon in there!

Wrapped the gift for the birthday party...

...and now I have to go and get ready for the party! See you later!

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