Sunday, May 22, 2011

Rapture Schmapture

In the words of singer Vanessa Carlton, yesterday was "Just a day. Just an ordinary day." I went out for my long run and ran a fast-ish 13 miles because it was judgement day after all and I didn't want to spend it running all day with some running buddies who pushed me to finish strong. I have a race next Monday so I guess that is my last long run before the marathon.

Somehow I managed to get home, cleaned up and made it to the farmers market but I was there later than usual so it was really crowded. I normally like to go early for the best selection of produce but mostly to avoid all the looky-loos. It's a farmers market people, not an amusement park or museum, just buy your stuff and go.

On a less cranky note, I saw this lady there carving beautiful flowers out of fruits and veggies. She is Nitda of NP Creative Carving. She informed me that she teaches the art of Thai fruit and veggie carving at Golden West College and does events. So pretty, right?

Teddy had a Gentle Dentle appointment so that was our next stop. Haha, this made me laugh.

My little buddy was so good at his dental appointment that he got a new bully stick as a reward.

I made some Rapture Burgers...

...and Heavenly Pancakes...haha.

And at 6:01pm on May 21, 2011 I found myself sitting at a Wood Ranch enjoying this salad to celebrate the passing of what was suppose to be the end of the world. My judgement? Dee-lic-ious!

I had lunch with some of my most favorite people. :) I enjoyed this Nabeyaki Udon and sushi combo.

Check out this amazing sushi cake-like structure.

We spent our afternoon doing this. Best Rapture weekend ever!

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Andrea Davis said...

Udon is one of my faves...made just like you have pictured. Delish. Impressive on the running, also.