Friday, May 13, 2011

The Burnt Truck

When food trucks first became popular I was curious about them and even sought out a couple. After a couple of visits I was pretty much fed up with the long lines, the longer wait, lack of a chair and table and more often than not the salt and grease that came with every order. I was done! I was pretty sure that I was over this whole food truck thing until one day The Burnt Truck made a stop near where I lived. I had to go check it out. Had to! I mean it was right there. The lines are still terrible and I still miss having a chair to sit on while I eat and a table to set my meal on...


...but doesn't this look so good? From left to right: Cheeseburger, Vietnamese Beef and Fried Chicken!

Those Tator Tots made me fall in love with tator tots all over again. They were so crispy! And the Vietnamese Beef has a really nice lemongrass flavor. Really good.

Can you tell this is my favorite out of the bunch? Yeah these are fried chicken sliders complete with mashed potatoes and gravy...all in one pretty little package!

I wouldn't say that I am back on the food truck bandwagon but I might be willing to stand in line again. But only if it is short!

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