Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Hen House Grill - Irvine, CA

I used to eat a lot of Persian food. Mostly because the person I was dating at the time really liked it. Don't get me wrong, Persian food is amazing! I haven't eaten Persian food as much since but recently a review from the OC Weekly directed my attention back to this lovely cuisine that I once loved so much. The Hen House Grill is located next door to a large market that also caters to the Persian population in Irvine, so logistically this made sense, however the large market also sells Persian food so I'm sure the Hen House would probably get more business if they were not located so close in proximity to the market. Anyways, as I was saying, I came here one night after reading a review on the OC Weekly.

It was very authentic inside, meaning mostly Persian patrons, so you know the food is good. The menu display was confusing. They had an order number for each different variation to the same dish. I stood there looking at it for 10 minutes trying to figure out what exactly I wanted.

My dining companion went with this ground beef dish with rice, grilled tomatoes....

...and a side of flat-bread. I don't think this dish is even on the overhead menu. I think it was actually an addition to the menu. There was a sign displayed at the register advertising this option. The menu is craziness. :)

I ordered the same thing except without the rice. Let me just say that this is too much meat for anyone to be eating in one sitting or a week. I was all about the flat-bread which was served fresh out of the oven. I only managed to eat half of one of those beef rolls. It was very lean but just so much meat.

It was all very good except eating all that meat and white flour flat-bread made me feel not so good afterwards. It's just me as I don't normally eat this sort of indulgent food. Believe me when I tell you that this place serves some tasty eats. I have to say that Persians love this flat-bread, on the way out I saw this couple buy a stack of this stuff to go. I'm talking about 10 of them. But I understand because this bread is amazing!

Hen House Grill
18040 Culver Blvd #A.
Irvine, CA 92612


Glenn Jones said...

It's pretty amazing that they can make a go of this restaurant right next to Wholesome Choice, where the Iranian food is pretty awesome! I wish them luck.

AZFoodDude said...

Really like the site! I might have to check this restaurant out when I can get out that way. Not a fan of the saffron rice?