Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Disco Inferno

Do I look groovy? So this was my costume to my friend D's birthday party on Sunday night. He turned the big Four Oh! D use to be one of my running buds. We don't run as much together these days due to different schedules but we have logged a ton of miles together.

I had no idea what people wore to the disco and this was my best interpretation. Can you believe I actually had this outfit in my closet? I was obviously someone else in my past life.

It was some party! My gosh they just out did themselves.

They even had a taco guy! I died!

Umm, D sure knows how to throw a party! They had bartenders! Two of them! I had a drink called the Peace Out. It was dangerously delicious!

Check out D's shoes. I told him it would help work his calves out so that he will run faster. He was just jazzed that he was taller for the night.

I spy a pimp!

And a disco ball! I have a funny photo of my date doing some disco moves under the disco ball but he forbid me from posting it.

It was such an awesome party! I took a really nice photo with D but he specifically told me that he did not want to end up on my blog so I cannot show the photo. Boo! No one wants to appear on my blog. Did I forget to bath or something?

Happy Birthday D!!

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