Friday, May 27, 2011

Sushi Koto - Fountain Valley, CA

So remember the other day when I went to archery with my family? Well they all came down around late lunch time on a Sunday and we were scrambling to find a place to eat that was open. They wanted Japanese food, which I also love but apparently some Japanese restaurants are only opened for dinner. Who knew!

Of course I immediately went on Yelp and found Sushi Koto. This is the place where the giant sushi structure can be found.

Sister S and I ordered the Nabeyaki Udon...

...which came with a side of sushi (tuna, shrimp and salmon). This combo was tasty. It was nothing extraordinary about it but it was good.

I got to the restaurant late so I'm actually not sure what this roll is.

Photo credit to Sister K

House salad

Photo credit to Sister K

Miso Soup

Photo credit to Sister K

This may well have been the star of the meal. Their Special Chirashi combo that comes with dessert. Sister K ordered this and it looks amazing! I need to go back and try it as she tells me that it is very good.

Photo credit to Sister K

This is the dessert that comes with the Chirashi. I believe it is a black bean pudding/soup. Sister K remarked that it was tasty!

Photo credit to Sister K

My honey ordered this Teriyaki beef and Tempura combo. I had a couple bites of the tempura and I didn't like it much.

Overall, this place is good! I will likely come back to try the chirashi bowl and it is very close to the Archery place.

Sushi Koto
18225 Brookhurst St, Ste 7
Fountain Valley, CA 92708
(714) 964-0988

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