Thursday, May 26, 2011

Tatsunoya Ramen @Japanese Gourmet Fair 2011

I went to Mitsuwa tonight for dinner. All the food booths were set up and in full swing but I didn't find anything I liked and everything was really expensive. I think the one they have during Autumn is better.

Potato Apple Pie - I've never had this but it looked so good but I'm trying to restrain myself from over indulging since I have a couple of races coming up very soon and I don't want to feel heavy on race day.

Sweet Potato and Strawberry cakes

Tatsunoya Ramen!!! So excited to try it.

Does this seem expensive for ramen? It is to me.

Tonkotsu Ramen - this was actually really good. The noodles were thin but cooked perfectly. I don't like this more than Santouka. I'm glad I got to try this. The portion may be small for some people but it was the perfect size for me.

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Glenn Jones said...

Ten bucks for ramen? Yeah seems a little high. But then, it's Mitsuwa....