Thursday, May 5, 2011

Running Things

Remember when I mentioned in this post that I had to go get new shoes because my old shoes were so done that they were starting to give me shin splints again? Apparently it was the wore-outs shoes because since wearing the new shoes the shin splints have gone away. I have to say that there is nothing like slipping into a new pair of running shoes. Feels like stepping on clouds. These are Adidas Supernova Sequence 3 and I think this model is on it's way out. I got an "extinction" postcard from RoadRunners that they were on clearance and that I should stock up. Meh. I just always get the newer model or order online if I can find it. This brand works well for me and the technology they infuse into the shoes every year has always been positive so I'm not worried. 

I dunno about all this because after about 500 miles those shoes are anything but fresh as a daisy.

My old shoes on the LEFT and new shoes on the RIGHT. Dirty!

Also, I saw this cute Champion empire waist tank top that SkinnyRunner had on last week and I wanted one...or two. There weren't a whole lot of color choices left on the website since it was on clearance but I picked up one in Rich Berry and another in Solar Pink which I will wear on another day. Lucky I ordered them when I did because a couple of hours later all the small sizes were gone. I had regrets that I didn't order more. Sad. Anyways, I wore it this morning for my first post marathon run of 5 miles and I like it a lot. The top part is snug which is nice because it hold everything in. The bottom part is flow-y which is nice for covering up...well parts that you want to cover up. Like I said, I should have purchased more. Still sad.

This is what it looks like on the website.

And this is what it looks like on me in bad lighting, sorry.

This is random but yesterday while sitting at my desk at work, I noticed that the pointing finger on my left hand was severely bruised on the bending part. It was dark purple in the morning and turned to a maroon color by afternoon. Today you can't even tell that it was there. So strange.

Not that you need to know or anything but I've been snacking on these quite a bit lately.

They are crunchy, a little bit sweet and contain quite a bit of fiber.

Finally, Happy Cinco de Mayo! Will run for Margaritas!! Okay, not really because those drinks contain a lot of sugar but today is Cinco de Mayo and I can't think of a better reason to have one. ;^)


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Nobel4Lit said...

If I ever found a shoe that I love like that, I would jump all over those "extinction" deals!

That pic of the cereal squares is actually very tantalizing. Barbara's makes a very similar one, and depending on sales, can be around the same price or cheaper.