Friday, May 27, 2011

Clipless Spin Shoes

I finally got around to taking some photos of my new spin shoes. So here they are...

...oops, I mean here!

This is what they look like on the bottom. The red part that looks like an electrical socket is the part that clips. I have to say that spinning with these feel so different than spinning with regular shoes. It feels more secure and you have more control. Kinda makes you feel one with the bike. These can also be used on a road bike should I feel inclined some where down the line. ;) I purchased these from Performance Bike. They are really knowledgeable, so even if you don't know much, they can help you figure it out.

Teddy wanted me to let you all know that he got a new green harness that he loves. I think he looks cute in it too!

What do you all have planned for the weekend? As for me, I think I've mentioned that next week is taper week so I am going to be taking it easy this weekend with the running. I might go out for a 4 mile run on Saturday. I think I failed to mention that I will be running the Laguna Hills Half Marathon on Memorial Day Monday. I ran this race last year and wanted to come back to see if I can do better. I guess I will consider this race my long run for this weekend. Things that I am looking forward to this market, themed birthday party, half marathon and the start of my week-long vacation. Yay! I hope to be able to blog from the road during my vacation so stay tuned for that. Have a wonderful and safe weekend!


Nobel4Lit said...

I didn't know you were going for a week. Where?!

Nobel4Lit said...

Annnnd, good luck to you!