Friday, May 13, 2011

Practicing Yoga

I went to Bikram yesterday for the first time in 3 or 4 weeks. I really should be going more often. That is just too long in between to really call what I am doing "practicing". They say that practice makes perfect...well I really need to start practicing more often. We were in savasana yesterday when our instructor started to compare Bikram to an 8-mile run followed by a 2-mile track interval workout in Calcutta India. He must also run on the side. :) He said that during Bikram, you are actually standing on one foot for a combine total of about 20 minutes, not consecutively of course but if you add up all the minutes dedicated to each pose, it would equal around 20 minutes. Also, your heart rate pattern is very similar to someone doing interval training due to switching from posing to savasana constantly. Plus it's hot as Hades in there! I found this calculator yesterday that calculates how many calories you lose while practicing Bikram. I don't know how accurate it really is but the amount of calories they say that a person of my weight loses is indeed comparable to what I would lose running 8 miles followed by 2 miles of interval. Who knows! I don't practice Bikram for the calorie aspect or for weight loss.

I do it more for injury prevention and increasing my flexibility so that I can do things like this while I am sight-seeing in Monterey...LOL! I know, this is not very good form, but I am wearing jeans standing near some jagged rocks so it's good enough.

So yesterday's class was 2/25. I signed up for 25 classes a month ago and have one year to completed those classes. If I don't accomplish that than I am pretty much useless. Need to get it done. "Bikram Rulz" what I should be thinking to myself instead of..."oh man, I haven't been to Bikram in 4 weeks and I really don't want to go". Yeah, I really need to find my "Om"! Ommmmmmmmmmmm!

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Glenn Jones said...

My son played baseball all through High School. His club coach insisted that he do yoga twice a week for general strengthening and injury prevention. And it works! The minute he quit doing yoga he ended up with an arm injury ( he was a pitcher) that essentially ended his budding career. Keep at it!