Wednesday, September 1, 2010

I got new kicks! (Adidas Women Supernova Sequence 3 Review)

I finally caved and decided to buy yet another pair of running shoes. I hate how often I have to replace them. They are so freakin' expensive! But at last, it had to be done. The older pair was approaching 500 miles but it still looks ok but I knew it was time to replace, especially since I've been running so much. I still use the older pair when I run on the treadmill, or do short runs or run on a padded track. This new pair is my 4th shoe from this company and line. I loved it the moment I first tried them on and still love it now. The sequence 3 has a newer and a brighter blue color. I think it started out as dark pink (Sequence 1), then the sea-foam blue/green and now this lake blue. I really like this shoe. It has never given me any sort of foot problems what-so-ever. It is a stability shoe, so if you don't need that feature, Adidas has shoes without it. They carry a pair very similar in appearance to the Sequence 3 but it is a Neutral shoe. I really should line up and photograph all the running shoes I've blown through these past years. I think I've only donated 1 pair away to goodwill, but I still have them all mostly.
Women's Sequence 2
Women's Sequence 3

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Nobel4Lit said...

I don't think I will ever find the "holy grail" shoe for me. It would sure make it easy to re-order, though!