Friday, September 24, 2010

Wonderland Bakery - Newport Beach, CA

I have a cupcake addiction! To the point where I would go around town looking for places to get my cupcake fix. I almost know everyplace I can get cupcakes now within a certain radius of my work and home. Wonderland Bakery is one of those places but strangely this was my first time buying anything from them. I've gone in their store once, and noticed that the inside looks like Tinkerbell's house but I didn't buy any cupcakes. I didn't even know they sold food. Everything in there is really girly and cutsy, it's a bit clustered in there. Might have been why I missed their case of desserts when I first went into the store. My sister went here once and blogged about buying a cupcake which was why I even know of cupcakes being sold here.

Here is the store front, cute right? You haven't seen anything yet!
Look at all this stuff. The best word I can use to describe all this stuff is "princess".
More cupcake and cutsy items for purchase.
This is what I had come here for. Looks really cute. I thought it was just ok. The cake didn't really taste fresh and it was a bit dry. The frosting was good but it did not make up for the lackluster cake. I'm planning on visiting Sprinkles Cupcake next week and write up a long over due post on them. I had it once and remembered that it was really good.

Wonderland Bakery
1314 Bison Ave
Newport Beach, CA 92660
(949) 640-9095


Nobel4Lit said...

Hah, I said the same thing about it being dry! I guess they are consistently pretty but not too good!

We must be on the same wavelength, because I had one from Coffee Bean very recently and actually thought it was pretty good.

P.S. Why is your cupcake so naked? Usually they all come decorated.

Glenn Jones said...

I enjoy a Sprinkles cupcake because it's moister - but I assume that all that moisture is there because all the sugar is there (doesn't a carb molecule bind three H2O molecules?).

Have you tried Susie Cakes over by Kean Coffee in Westcliff? I've heard rave reviews, but have never been there myself....