Thursday, September 2, 2010

Souvenirs and A Cupcake!

After a long day at work, I was pretty lazy to make dinner last night. I haven't been grocery shopping as much later because I really want to clean out my fridge and pantry. I've been finding a lot of interesting stuff that I've purchased and forgotten that frozen bag of turkey meatballs I had in the freezer or that jar of arrabiata sauce. So I ended up making turkey meatballs in arrabiata sauce. Yeah, I am so creative. NOT! I threw about 3 cups of fresh spinach into the sauce because I had to eat it up. I cooked up some brown rice fusilli to go with this. It was darn good. I am in a cooking funk, but hopefully this weekend I will find some inspiration to make vegan lasagna or something else to eat throughout the coming week.
Yes I ate a red velvet cupcake last night from the OhForSweetsSake truck that was purchased during lunch. I've been doing well on my no refined sugar week until this cupcake. I have a weakness and this is it! I think I will try again next week. Can't believe I could not go even one week without eating a dessert!
So, I finally got around to photographing all the neat souvenirs that Sister K lugged on the way back from Spain. She is really strong because that girl can shop! This gift in particular, I just LOVE! Sister K got this for me from a artisan shop in Spain. It is a cut carved wooden spoon. I love wooden spoons and this one in particular is just magnificant! All the edges are smooth and you can tell that someone spent a lot of time making it.
A close-up of the spoon and how there are no splinters or rough edges.
This is another item that Sister K brought back for me. It is a tote bag with the words Barcelona imprinted on it in gold. It had a zipper closure. Can't wait to use this. I have a ton of bags but I love bags.
Finally, this was also from Sister K. It is a hair clip. The flower is made with some sort of soft pleather. It is gorgeous! I think I am going to wear this to my Christmas party this year.
A close-up of the hair clip. Really lovely! Sister K has really good taste and spent a lot of time thinking about what to bring back and for that I appreciate these items that much more. These items are so thoughtful and I love handmade usable! Thank you Sister K, I love my presents!
I also took a photo of this art work that an artist made for me at my company picnic last week. This guy was a big hit at our event. He worked non-stop and had to continue to work even after the event was over to get all the request fulfilled.
Lastly, I decided to line my shoes up in a row to show how many shoes I've gone through these past 3-4 years. After I took this photo, I realized there was one extra pair in a box I had missed, it was another pair of the pink ones.

I know I said I was not going back to the food truck lines but there I was again. The lines seems to get worse every week, especially after the recent OC Foodie Fest event. A first for OC but surely not the last as I've heard they are already thinking about improving the event for next year. I guess words spend fast around these parts. Some out-of-state readers have commented that they haven't heard of the food truck craze. There is a show on Food Network call The Great Food Truck Race if you want to see what the hype is all about. I think this might be a predominantly California thing, with LA running the most trucks. Followed by probably OC and then other part in Norcal.

 I've been eating at the Dos Chinos truck which served a fusion type cuisine of Vietnamese and Mexican. It's pretty good and for some reason their lines are still manageable. The wait is still pretty long but not a 2 hour wait like some of the other trucks.

 Yesterday I got the garlic shrimp with pineapple salsa burrito. This was quite good.

 This is what I eat everyday. A turkey sandwich on 7-grain bread with mayo and mustard, sliced tomatoes and lettuce. Slightly less glamourous than stuff I would get at the food trucks, but my favorite lunch at the moment.

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