Monday, September 20, 2010

20-milers, do they ever get easier?

I remember many years ago when I use to think that 6 miles was a long run. Now, 6 miles doesn't seem all that bad. Will that 20 miler ever get easier? Ok, that's all I have to say about that. I completed a 20-miler this past weekend and got a foot cramp at mile 19 but it is going away, so no biggie. Just wished I was a better runner so that I could enjoy these training runs more. That only means I need to run more.

And now some photos...

So I went to the DMV with a friend on Friday and may I say that those DMV lines are just awful these days. Who thought it was a good idea to cut DMV hours? Anyways, I ended up getting Flame Broiler's veggie bowl for lunch because of those long lines. Then I remembered why I don't go to Flame Broiler anymore. It's because it tastes gross.

I went to Pomodoro on Friday night for some delicious carb for my 20-miler on Saturday morning. I will likely do a proper review of this place in a later post.

Can you tell I love this bread? I even tore a piece off before I snap the photo. This focaccia bread is amazing! Crusty on the outside, soft and fluffy on the inside. You can't tell by just looking at this bad photo I took but it is piping hot and have grill marks on the back and they serve this with the most delicious pesto dip. I think I had 3 of these servings. I think they were about to kick me out for eating so much bread. :) It is the perfect carbo loading IMO.

Went out to the Upper Back Bay early Saturday morning. The weather was amazing!

Sorry for the bad photos. I didn't want to look like a goober snapping too many photos since my running group was there. I completed my 20 miles but barely, I got a foot cramp at mile 19 and had to run/walk the last mile back to the car. Sad, but it is healing so all is good in the running universe.

Here is the product. It's very good. The noodles have a nice "bite" to them and the pork is good but the soup is just so oily. This dish got a lot of good reviews but the oiliness turns me off.

Later that day, I went to the Mitsua Market because they were having yet another food festival and Komaoka Ramen was there hawking their wares and you know I had to be a part of that.
Visiting ramen purveyors always squat at the empty food counter.
It came with these little rice balls. They were plain rice balls.
I also purchased 3 of these Obanyaki for $5. They are the size of hockey pucks and are made on an iron molded griddle. It is made of really chewy dough filled with either sweet red bean, sweet potato or sweet red bean and soy milk. I selected the sweet red bean variety. These were ok. The doughy outer part is really chewy. I can't even describe the texture because I've never eaten anything like it.

This is a new project I am working on.
And this is an older project that I am still working on. I thought I would have something to show today but at last this is what it currently looks like. I spent a couple of hours this weekend on it and by that I mean 5-6 hours but I decided to make it bigger so more work is needed. Let's see how far I get next weekend. It is a blanket, just throwing that in there in case it is not apparent.
I had a slice of this Entenmann's Raspberry Danish while I was crocheting. Yummy and bad for you! Very evil stuff. This little slice has 210 calories. Craziness! Worth it though. :)
So I mentioned in a couple of post ago that I've been having one too many of these at work lately.
Jean from A Delightful Repast recommended I try these Fig Newmans. Probably a tiny bit healthier than Fig Newtons and they are not half bad. Thanks Jean!

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Glenn Jones said...

I don't think it *ever* gets easier. Twenty miles is a long way. Just get in your car and drive it....