Thursday, September 30, 2010

Decisions Decisions

My IPod Shuffle has been acting up lately. It does weird things like shut off in the middle of a song, even when fully charged and it will only turn back on again when I press the play button really hard and hold it down for multiply seconds. Sometimes I turn it on and it shuts off by itself 5 minutes into my workout and never comes back on again. I've fiddled with it for the past month now and have gotten it to work to get me through the tail end of my marathon training. One time it crapped out on my on a 20 mile run and I was so mad. So I think after 3 years of keeping me company on my runs, it is time to retire the old girl and get something I can depend on again. The last thing I need is for it to crap out on my trip to Chicago. So, I was thinking of getting another Shuffle to replace the one I have. I currently have a pink one and was thinking of getting a green one, just to mix things up a bit. I went on the Apple website and right next to the Shuffle was the new and improved Nano. So I  read up on it and noticed that it is almost if not the same size as the Shuffle, also with an attached clip but it holds so much more songs, plus it has a touch screen and a built in pedometer. The Shuffle is currently going for $49 and the Nano is $149...I think all the new feature is worth the extra hundred. Don't you? Don't answer that because I'm already sold!


Laury@TheFitnessDish said...

Nano DEF worth it...I didn't want the shuffle for that exact can do a shuffle playlist on the nano or just put it on shuffle for all your songs in marathon....that SUCKS that it pooped out on a 20 rude of it!!!! Happy purchasing :-)

Thanks so much for your well wishes today, you're the best and it meant a lot!!!

Glenn Jones said...

I'm bised. After two shuffles in 6 months I settled for a Nano. Very happy with the choice.