Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Pick Up Stix

It was so hot yesterday that after work, the last thing I wanted to do was cook dinner. I actually contemplated a big bowl of ice for dinner but I settled for something closer to where I ended up after running some errands....Pick Up Stix. I haven't been to Pick Up Stix in years. After last night's dinner, I remembered why I no longer eat there anymore. The food is extremely salty and everything is coated in this salty brown sauce. They've also redecorated the inside with some modern decor and bright primary colors.

Felt weird about snapping a photo of the store front since there was a lot of foot traffic last night so I snapped this photo instead.
Cute new lighting
Artsy Double Happiness word
This was Tofu and Broccoli in a very salty brown sauce. Yuck!
Side of brown rice
Need lots of brown rice to even out the salty food. @_@
I never eat fortune cookies but I needed something to get the salty taste out of my mouth!
Yeah right!
I must've been having a weird night because I NEVER eat donuts.
Somehow these ended up in my belly. Three glazed donut holes. We will be back to our regularly schedule healthy eating soon.

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