Thursday, September 16, 2010

Working My Way Back

I'm starting to feel better thanks in part to my relentless dedication to pushing through with my workouts when all I really wanted to do was sleep in and blow it off. I was feeling pretty crappy for about 1.5 weeks and didn't know how to pull myself out of the funk. I knew that being consistent with my exercising would help me feel better faster. For the most part, I am feeling better. Good thing because the Chicago Marathon is 24 days away and this is no time to be down and out.

I got home from work yesterday and saw a small box sitting outside my door. I didn't know what it was because I had not ordered anything online recently. There was a sweet and tart smell coming from it. I thought it was soap but turns out it was a box of Trident Layers! We had helped Sister K move into her apartment last weekend and joked that it was hard work and that she should pay us in Trident Layers. Well, we got our wish...hahaha! There are a couple Trident Layers commercial out there so go watch one if you are not familiar with them.Thanks Sister K!
Sadly, yesterday I discovered that my little doggy had an ear infection. So it was off to the vet for him (he's at the vet in a waiting room in that photo, he was freaking out about being there, but he had nothing to worry about, the vet was super sweet and nice to him). Turns out it is some sort of yeast problem in his ear. Some medicated drops should fix it up in no time. Poor little guy. I gave him lots of hugs.
Then I got some pho to soothe my worried soul. Also because the vet was across the way from a pho restaurant. I got a tofu and broccoli pho (the one shown here is beef).
Someone please save me from the Fig Newtons. I have a terrible obsession!


Nobel4Lit said...

Sorry to hear about sick Meta-mew (again).

Jean said...

I haven't had a Fig Newton in years! Don't know why because I always liked them. I think Paul Newman has some organic ones called Fig Newmans--maybe I'll pick up some of those this week.

Wishing you a full recovery before the marathon and all the best with that. Exciting!