Friday, September 10, 2010

The Counter - Custom Built Burgers

The Counter is a chain of build-your-own-burger joints. There are a couple out there now I believe but The Counter is the first of these type of places that I've tried. I was hesitant to try this place when they first opened because I'm not a huge hamburger fan but turns out they have so much more than just your regular hamburger. I really liked that I can control exactly what I want on it too. In fact they encourage you to knit pick each and every single item you want or don't want on it. This may or may not be good for some folks but really good for someone like me who is always asking for this without that or this other thing on the side. Yeah, I'm one of those people.

I started taking photos of the front of restaurants lately so that I can remember where those photos of food I ate came from. So you will be seeing lots of store fronts.

 We sat at the counter because we are at "The Counter" and also because it feels like eating at a diner.

When you are seated, they give you a clipboard that looks like this and a little pencil so that you can check off exactly how you want your burger made. The selection is just wide enough. Too much and I would be overwhelmed and any less I would feel like it was lacking something. So it is just right! :)

The fries here are amazing! This a single serving of fries. They are thin and crispy!

This is the 50/50, half shoe-string fries and sweet potato fries. Served with aioli sauce. This is great for sharing!

I always get the veggie burger. It is THE best veggie burger I've ever had. It is moist and you can see and taste the veggies. Trust me, it is very good! I almost always get this with roasted red pepper, sprouts, cucumber and pineapple.

This is what a regular beef burger here looks like. This one is a 1/3 lb beef burger with bacon, mushroom, fried eggs, sprouts, cucumber and tomatoes. The bacon and fried egg costs extra.

This one is topped with grilled onions on an onion bun.

They also have really good milkshakes, I'm told.


Nobel4Lit said...

Man, that looks good!

Nobel4Lit said...

P.S. Have fun @ Nautica!

Glenn Jones said...

You *must* get the Churro shake when they offer it. BTW - there's one of these in Newport now too.