Thursday, May 14, 2009

Vegan Parmesan Cheese!

When I saw that this company made something that is like parmesan cheese except vegan, I almost fell over. I am not able to digest dairy very well so I just avoid it completely. Yeah people have suggested I take those Lactaid pills or drops or Lactaid laced milk and such but I've done that and it is not for me. As a result of my clean eating diet, I've also avoided pasta, which I use to eat by the boatload. I still eat pasta once in a while, mostly before marathons. But nowhere as much as I use to eat and without parmesan cheese, might as well. I wonder if this stuff taste as good as real parmesan cheese. Maybe I will get to try it one day. Just amazed at the stuff they come up with these days. I must say that I really really miss cheese, yogurt and milk. I use to drink milk by the boatload as well. Maybe my dairy bank expired! :(

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