Sunday, May 3, 2009

Day 84 - Sunday - RACE DAY!

Breakfast - 4:30am
1/2 toasted whole grain english muffin w/ PB
3 accel gels
Marathon - 7:30am

Snack - 11:00am
Orange slices
1 chocolate soy milk
1/4 piece of raisin wheat bagel

Lunch - 1:00pm
1/2 whole grain english muffin w/ PB
1/2 cup leftover pasta from last nights dinner

Snack - 2:30pm
2 El Pollo loco drumstick
1 small flour tortilla
Rice, beans, pico de gallo and guac

Dinner - 7:00pm - Santouka
1 regular shoyu ramen
1 large passion fruit green tea with boba and rainbow jelly

Morning brushing: done
Night brushing: done

1 comment:

Durian Eater said...

yeah I know; and I'm mostly okay. it's just that every time I come back from visiting it's just a reminder that this is how things will be for years to come.

I'm still so proud/happy for you about your running success!