Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Day 107 - Tuesday - Day After...

Breakfast - 9:30am
1/2 cup cooked oatmeal w/ wheatberries, nut mix and PB
2 boiled egg whites w/ lite soy sauce

Midday workout - 12:00pm
Stretching and rolling out muscles w/ foam roller at gym
Shoulders and tris

Lunch- 2:30pm
Tuna pasta salad
1/2 cup strawberries
1/2 toasted wheat bagel w/ PB

Snack - 4:00pm
1/2 cup strawberries
1/2 toasted wheat bagel w/ PB

Dinner - 7:00pm - Charlie's Kabobs
Sirlion kebob plate w/ basmati rice and shiraz salad
1/4 pita bread

Snack - 8:00pm - movies - Star Trek
Some popcorn
Couple of slices of dried pineapple

Note: Last night, I slept for 10 hours, man I must've been tired! I can't even remember falling aslept. Too much excitement in one day. My soreness is no where as bad as after the OC. It is actually very bearable. Some trouble going up and down stairs but alot better than last time. With the major races behind me, I am going to clean up my diet this month as I've noticed that I've put on a bit of weight again. I think that if I want to run faster that I will need to be a bit lighter. My next race is in July in SF but it is only a half. I would like to run my halves faster in training for running a faster marathon.

Morning brushing: done
Night brushing: done

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Durian Eater said...

Looks like you had fun last night! Hope you liked the movie! :D