Thursday, May 7, 2009

Day 88 - Thursday

Breakfast - 9:30am
1/2 cup cooked rolled oatmeal w/ wheatberries, nut mix and PB
2 boiled egg whites w/ lite soy
1/2 cup honeydew
1/4 piece of PB roll from last night

Midday workout - 12:00pm
Cardio - run 3 miles

Lunch -2:30pm
1 boca burger patty
1/2 toasted honey wheat bagel
1.5 cups honeydew

Snack - 4:00pm
1/2 toasted honey wheat bagel w/ PB
1/4 PB roll from yesterday
1 cup hot green tea

Dinner - 7:00pm
Ground beef and black beans over brown rice and sauteed on choy

Snack - 9:00pm
1 chocolate soy milk
1/2 PB roll

Note: My quads are feeling almost back to normal today. I will test them out during my lunch break. I had a thought in my head to go run my 10 miler at Huntington Beach on Sat morning. I am sure it will be an interesting run with all the people watching. I am also planning to bike a bit after work since it is warmer outside now. Going to start swimming a bit too in about a month.

Note2: Did my 3 miles in the gym on the dreadmill (yuck) and felt great afterwards. Going to crosstrain on stair climber tomorrow and maybe do some lite leg or arm workout. Next week will hopefully be a more normal workout week.

Morning brushing: done
Night brushing: done

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