Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Sister K Goes to True Food Kitchen

Sister K came to visit this past weekend. We had plans to travel to the LA Marathon together. Me to run and she to volunteer at water station 25. I picked up Sister K from the train station mid afternoon and we were both hungry. We didn't want to spoil our appetite for dinner so I took her to True Food Kitchen for s mid afternoon snack. This is the second time I've been here. I came here at night the last time so I wanted to show what the place and food looks like when there is better lighting. True Food Kitchen is a restaurant that specializes in the preparation of food based on Dr. Andrew Weil's Anti-Inflammatory Food Pyramid. I had a feeling that Sister K would like this place and she did!

These potted mini tubs of herbs are even better when photographed in the daylight.

This outdoor dining area looks so nice. I think it would be great to have cocktails after they light the center fire pits.

The bar - they make anything from cocktails to specialized and personalized juices and drinks.

I love the open space of this restaurant.

Even the kitchen is open. Everything just looks so fresh and clean.

This green juice is not on the menu. I asked them to create it for me. It is the best green juice I've ever had. I think I asked them to put spinach/kale, parsley, apple, cucumber and lemon. They were heavy handed with the lemon but that made this so good.

Sister K went with the Cucumber and Honey Refresher.


I ordered the Chicken Sausage/Fennel pizza without the cheese. So good!

Sister K ordered a Harvest Chopped salad with roasted butternut squash, apple, pomegranate, walnut, goat cheese and balsamic.

She also ordered a small scoop of house-made vanilla ice cream.

After our mid afternoon snack we headed here to pick up a poncho and some running shoes for Sister K.

This display freakin' reminds me of Bikram yoga!

Since I am really scared of getting wet in the rain. I went to Niketown to pick up their new Cyclone Jacket. I got the white one with little black dots. This jacket comes in neon colors, yellow, coral, blue, light grey and white. To be honest, this jacket did not keep me dry in the LA Marathon rain this past weekend but to be fair, no one should be out running in a downpour...ever!

We walked into Barnes and Noble to get a coffee but decided against the idea and I saw this poster of one of my favorite books.

After our shopping trip, it was time for my carbo-loading dinner. We decided to get some ramen at Santouka! On the way into the Mitsuwa Food Court, we noticed that there were some food vendors visiting for the weekend. This was a Japanese pancake stand. This stall was making Okonomiyaki or Japanese cabbage and egg style pancakes.

There was a long line for this stuff. Must be good. Look at him flip that huge "pancake".

This looks like Japanese macarons.

I didn't get any to try. Yeah, I was having an off day. @_@

I just love this ramen! Yum!

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Glenn Jones said...

If you haven't done so, you need to have the Kale salad at True Foods. Yum!