Tuesday, March 22, 2011

My 2011 LA Marathon Race Photos Review

Marathonfoto was so quick to upload photos from this past Sunday's LA Marathon. Normally, it could take up to 4-5 days for photos to be uploaded. So big props to Marathonfoto. I wish I had posed better but you know, the whole running in the heavy rain thing really put a damper (pun) on my spirit. I am thinking of buying one just for the sake of having a photo of me running in the worse weather EVER! I thought it would be fun to analyze my posture and facial expressions from a couple of the photos from my photo set.

Photo 1: I don't know what miles this was but I think I am still doing okay at this point. My face has a strange look but that's just how my face looks when I run. You can tell that I am already drenched at this point. I had no idea that I would get more soaked later on.

Photo 2: This was in Beverly Hills and as you can see I am really happy for some reason. I think I was still feeling really good. Plus it was around this area that they were handing out coconut water. Yum! :)

Photo 3: This I believe was my final sprint to the finish line. This photo just says it all. First, my hat is no longer on my head. Why? Well the wind was blowing so hard at this point, it blew my hat off. So I just held it in my hand, instead of trying to put it back on. I should have tried because the rain was coming down really hard and was running in my eyes. Second, that guy to my left is looking at me because when my hat blew off, I screamed because the wind was blowing so hard. He must have thought that I was a weirdo. He is also probably looking at me because I may have been sobbing a bit at this point saying something like "Good God!" Finally, if you look closely, you can see how hard the rain is coming down and my pants and everything I have on is just beyond soaking wet. I would have been drier if I dove in a pool.

Photo 4: This is my favorite photo! I was truly happy that I was done with it. Sister K ran the last mile with me and we got this cool photo together!

Edit 4/7/2011: I'm a weirdo but I actually found myself on a video from the Channel 5 (KTLA) broadcast of the LA Marathon. I screen capped this photo. I'm the one labeled "M". Haha. I was on TV for 2 seconds. :o)


Sarah Soon-To-Be said...

Haha I love this! I am 99% certain I saw you on the course - I remember your cute polka dot rain jacket! Is it Nike? I was going to say I want one, but what I really want is to never need one for a race again. :)

Madison said...

I don't think you saw me because I was eating your dust! Yes the jacket is from Nike. I am a Nike Wh$%#! :) I agree with you that never having to wear one would be best.

ilovesteaks said...

Congratulations! In hindsight, it looks like I picked the right race to run. I would've almost certainly DNF'd LA.

Madison said...

Emil, knowing you...I'm sure you would have pushed on. ;) Hope we get to run in the same race soon.

Glenn Jones said...

My hat is off to anyone who finished in those messy conditions! Congratulations!