Thursday, March 3, 2011

Pomodoro Restaurant

I can't believe it has taken me this long to do a write up for this restaurant. I eat here A LOT! They recognize me when I walk in. That's how often I eat here. I'm not even embarrass to admit this because I really like the food. It is just simple Italian food. I don't really care that it is a chain or that some people may not consider the food to be authentic. It is not fancy but I love almost everything on their menu.

Speaking of menus, it has changed a couple of times since I started coming here. Not major changes but sometimes it is the design of the menu; other times it is an addition or removal of certain items. They also feature a seasonal tasting menu for $18 and as Sister K can attest, it is a lot of food for one person. It includes dessert! :)

You can start off with just water but they have good lemonade here...

...and wine!

Complimentary warm toasty bread, fresh out of the oven. Served with a pesto dip. 

This bread deserves another photo because it is THAT good. I almost always come here to carbo load on this bread before all local races. I am often sad when I have to go run races out of town because I can't eat this bread the night before. 

Clams in a spicy tomato broth with toasted sourdough bread. They also do this appetizer with mussels if clams are not your thing. Personally I prefer the mussels. 

Bruschetta, this was okay. I've had better. Heck, I think I make a pretty decent one myself. But this will do when you don't have the time.

This is by far my favorite thing to eat here. It is a shrimp appetizer in tomato sauce that they serve with toasted sourdough bread for dipping. The tomato sauce is just out of this world. It has thinly sliced garlic in it and is so flavorful. 

Chicken Parmesan with Penne in tomato sauce

Butternut squash ravioli in brown butter topped with crumbled amaretti. 

Of course they have the more traditional spaghetti and meatballs. 

This dish is so good, I had to throw another photo in. I have about 10 photos of this dish alone.

This is the Steak Salad served with a side of Cannellini Beans. This steak is very flavorful and I like it medium rare.

This is the Penne Portabello with Chicken and Sausage in a light cream sauce. Excellent dish!

This is one the items on their "Lite Fare" section, Salmon and Aspargus Fusilli Pasta in a light tomato sauce.

I forget what the menu name is for this dish but it is slow braised pork in a tomato sauce served on rigatoni with shaved Pecorino cheese.

This is my second favorite dish here. Shrimp w/ shelled pasta and asparagus in a tomato sauce. This dish is normally served with a cream tomato sauce but because I am lactose intolerant, I always ask for just the plain tomato sauce which is still amazing!

Steak salad. The steak is just cooked perfect!

And if you are still hungry after all that they also serve dessert but since I never make it that far, I have no photos. :(

But Sister K. once ordered a Small Bites dessert - Tiramisu.

5789 Alton Parkway
Irvine, CA
(949) 654-1100

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I still have never been here... must try. That appetizer looks so good...