Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Sun Shiny Day

It is a beautiful day in SoCal today, I mean as in 80 degrees beautiful! I was in a raw cuisine mood so I headed over to The Camp...with my new camera of course.

Mmmm Raw!

And just like I remembered there is a really really long wait. There always is. I guess raw food takes a lot of prep. I decided to just order my food to go. Still a really really long wait. That's okay, this is worth it. While I was waiting for my food, I noticed that they started selling raw grocery items such as these jars of coconut butter and tahini. They also had raw almonds, crackers, agave nectar and even some organic beauty products.

I got bored of waiting inside so I went outside to walk around a bit. I saw this display/advertisement for Harvest ToHome organic gardening system.

Those are some lovely kale.

...and some vibrant chard.

I noticed this new restaurant a few doors down from 118. Valhalla Table. What?

Oh. Okay, it's some sort of Viking dining hall. ;-) I'll be back!

I went in here. The inside looks like a place where skateboarders and Jason Mraz go to buy their clothes.

They sold TOMS!

I tried on a red pair of TOMS. They look silly but are really comfortable. I hear they are $45/pair but they donate a pair if you buy a pair. I need to think about it some more. Not about the price but the silly looking aspect of it.

So this agave plant or some sort of succulent is taller than me. Crazy giant plant!

I wish I would have taken a photo of these at a different angle. The colors are so lovely!

After walking around for about 15 minutes, I head back to see if my lunch order was ready. No dice. But they did hand me my green juice order. Happy.

So this is what I waited an hour for. It's called The Baja and yes it is indeed worth the wait.

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Sarah Soon-To-Be said...

Ohhh I'll def have to check out Valhalla Table - sounds fun! Also I'm a Toms lover. Yes, they look weird, but I feel like it's merited since their philanthropic message is so widely known, instead of people saying "omg look at those nast shoes" they're saying "oh! Toms! I bet some underpriveleged kid in Africa is really thrilled to have a pair of shoes to wear!" :)

Nobel4Lit said...

I still have not been to a raw restaurant and hope I'll be in good enough spirits to go to one for my b-day.

Glenn Jones said...

I haven't been over there since Adventure16 (outdoor gear/mountaineering) closed down. Looks like a few new places there. Isn't there also a vegan place there? Native Foods?

Madison said...

Glenn: yes Native Foods and now Taco Asylum is just to it. That place is also fairly new. I haven't gone but plan to.