Monday, March 21, 2011

Kohryu (Ramen) - Costa Mesa

I was Yelping around one day around lunch time because I was in the mood for ramen but wanted to try something new. Kohryu seemed highly rated enough, so I decided to give it a try. It actually took me a while to make it here because this place is on the way to Santouka and I have gotten side-tracked on many well meaning attempts to get here. Finally, one day at lunch, I made it a point to make a beeline here. 

Kohryu shares a small parking lot with a couple other restaurants and businesses so if you happen to come during a busy time, you may have a hard time finding a parking spot. I didn't have that problem on this particular day, a Wednesday close to 1pm. Also, I should mention that the inside of the restaurant is not very big so coming at a busy time may cause you to have to wait. I didn't have to wait on this particular day. I guess I picked the right day to come here. But then again I did call ahead to check on the wait. Sometimes I surprise myself. Not all the time, but on this particular day I did.

Since this was my first time here I decided to just start out by ordering the Shoyu Ramen - $6.75. I added that flavored hard boiled egg for $1. The egg is included if you order one of the ramens from the Special Section but my Shoyu ramen was just your basic starter bowl of ramen.

I think lots of people on Yelp have already mentioned all of these points but just to reiterate. The noodles are nice and chewy. Reminds me of the noodles at Mentatsu. The Shoyu broth is plain. I didn't drink any of the broth. The egg is cooked perfect! That sliced of pork was good. I liked it. It wasn't anything special. It wasn't too salty like it can be at Santouka sometimes. I want to go back a couple more times to try out the other flavors.

891 Baker St, Ste B-21
Costa Mesa, CA 92626
(714) 556-9212

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ilovesteaks said...

I like eating here when I get tired of super oily Santouka ramen. Also they have ika geso (squid) and kurage (jellyfish)... 2 of my favorite sides.