Friday, March 4, 2011

Blast from the Past // My Trip to New York in 07 // Day 2

Missed Day 1 of this trip?

After getting a good night sleep, we were up early the next morning to head back to the airport to catch a short flight to NY. It had stopped snowing but it was still cold as heck. We grabbed a couple of hot beverages at the airport and wanted for our flight.

Finally, we were NY bound. Actually, we decided to fly into Newark and stay in Jersey since the hotel prices were way cheaper there and just use public transportation to get into New York each day.

When we landed at Newark Airport, we quickly hopped a shuttle to our hotel in Jersey, unpacked, hopped another shuttle and two trains into New York City. Yeah, it was a pain in the rear to do this. If I ever return, I think I will just stay in the city. The train from Jersey to NY took us directly to the station where Madison Square Garden was located. There was a game going on that night at the Garden so it was super crowded. 

After many hours of traveling, we finally made it! And boy was it cold!

I think this was the Garment District.

Sister J doing something that only fans of the show "Heroes" would know. 

We went into this large toy store in the middle of Time Square and saw this peanut doll. At the time I didn't know what this peanut doll had to do with NY but then as we started wandering the streets and came upon vendor after vendor of food carts selling everything from hot dogs, to cheese steak sandwiches to candied roasted nuts, I quickly realized the nut connection. I still dream about those roasted street nuts. So good! We ate so many of it while we were there. I even tried to bring some back but they are just not as good as when they are fresh.

Then it started to get dark outside.

One of the places on our list of must-see was Teany, a vegetarian/vegan restaurant and tea shop. So we headed there for dinner. It was located in the Lower East Side which was quite a bit away from Time Square. After walking in the rain for 30 minutes to catch the subway, we miraculously found it in what seemed like an unsavory part of town. Especially at night time.

Teany use to be co-owned by the musician Moby, maybe that is still true. A while back it was closed down because a fire broke out over night due to an electrical problem. I think it has since reopened.

These little scrap metal robots are just so neat. I wish I had one in my kitchen.

We checked out the menu.

And the specials for the day.

I ended up ordering the afternoon tea set. Sister J ordered a Teany-chino, which I think to this day is still one of her favorite drinks.

Check this out! I wish I would have snapped more close-ups of the food. The food was surprising good for being vegan. I would eat there again! Too bad it is so far away. I don't know when I will get to come here again. 

Light display in front of the Macy's building.

Macy's window display. I hear this is a big deal in these parts. The detailing of these pieces are incredible.

I'm just being mischievous.

We walked over to the Empire State Building and thought that we would go up to check it out. Unfortunately, you had to pay and I believe they told us that visibility wasn't that great that night so we skipped it. Plus, we had a long journey back to Jersey via public transpo.

Final Day in NY to come...

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Glenn Jones said...

I love NYC. Sometimes I wish I would have looked for a job there after grad school.