Friday, March 4, 2011

Blast from the Past // My Trip to New York in 07 // Day 1

I'm starting a new segment on this blog called "Blast from the Past" which will chronicle events which had occurred prior to the creation of this blog.

My very first "blast" will be recounting the time that Sister J, a friend of Sister J's and I went to New York on a whim. Okay, it wasn't really a whim, it actually took us months to get our acts together. But this is how it went down...

It was winter time here in SoCal, around mid-December 2007. I forgot why we decided to take a trip to NY in the winter. It could have been that it was Sister J's winter break from school or more likely that we thought SoCal winters were for sissies other people and we wanted to be hardcore. Yeah, that second reason! Any how, I had a holiday party to attend the night before our early morning flight to NY but I was foolish young back than and thought that I could party hardy and still make my flight. I was dead tired the next morning but I made it.

So here I was the night before our flight at some swanky holiday party. 

The next morning Sister S dropped us off at LAX. We check in. We find out our flight was canceled due to weather. We panic! We begged and asked for alternate ways to get to NY. They tell us we can take a commuter plane down to San Diego to catch a flight to NY. We were desperate. We agreed. The flight felt like it was 20 minutes. I was scared because small commuter plane equals not very smooth ride.

We hop on flight to NY via St. Louis. St. Louis gets huge snow storm. We get stuck anyways but at least we were closer to NY than before. It makes sense if you don't think about it too much. We are sad that we are not in NY. We make the most of it. 

We get a free night stay at a nice hotel. But this was after we whined for an hour to the airline. At least we had a bed to sleep in for the night. We are less sad. 

We go grab dinner. Food was tasty. We are happy for the time being. 

Server felt sorry for us getting stranded and gave us free dessert. We are even more happy now!

Sister J and friend tried to make a snowman. We are strange folk because we come from a place where it does not snow. Ever! Snow amazes us.

I take a moment to admire the beauty. Then I high-tailed it back inside where it was warm.

Stay tuned for day 2...

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Nobel4Lit said...

I really love this... and that you remembered the details still! It makes me want to get away. I can't wait until the summer when I hope to have more free time.