Monday, March 28, 2011

Uoko Japanese Cuisine - Lake Forest/Tustin, CA

I was introduced to Uoko many years ago. They have 2 locations, one in Lake Forest and the other in Tustin. The one in Tustin is a little bit larger but they are both very authentic. Some of the best sushi I've ever had has been at this place. I'm probably giving something away by even talking about it but they are usually packed to the gills on the weekends. The sushi chefs are Japanese and they are really fun if you buy them drinks and get them drunk. They may even slip you some off the menu items. And that, let me tell you is a very good thing because they make some awesome stuff. I wish I lived closer to either of these locations because I would go more often. I love this place so much that when people come to visit me and they ask me to take them to go get really good down to earth sushi, I almost always think of this place. Go try this place out but please don't go there when I am there and hog up all the tables. I am a very impatient person.

If you ever make it to this place and you like oysters, you NEED to order them on the half shell. They are not always available but when they are, pounce on them. Seriously! They are just amazing! Truly a work of art. An order is 2 pieces so this photo is 2 orders. Trust me, really good stuff!

House salad and soup that comes with some of the entree orders. The salad is good compared to other places and the little soup is really flavorful. It is quite good.

This is the Steak/Chicken Teri-yaki combo that my Sweetie always orders. He is not very adventurous when it comes to food so he likes to stick with the very basic. As you can see, there is quite a bit of food there, even for him. :)

I ordered the Tempura Udon with the tempura on the side. I do this so that it does not get all soggy in the soup. I don't know if that is how you are meant to eat it but I don't like it soggy. Just me?

The broth is good and the noodles are like any other udon. There is nothing extraordinary about this but I also have no complaints either. This is just a simple soup and it is good for what it is. They also make a very good Nabeyaki.

Sister K ordered this sashimi salad. She said it was very good. The fish is very fresh here so I imagine that assessment to be accurate. ;)

Spicy tuna hand roll. Tasty!

They prepare this dish, Tako (Octopus) Sashimi, very well here. The octopus is sliced really thin and the addition of thinly sliced lemon is what sets this place apart from other places in my opinion. I like to dip a piece of the octopus with a slice of lemon into some chili sauce. You have to ask for that on the side as this is not normally eaten with chili sauce.

Uoko Japanese Cuisine
23600 Rockfield Blvd # 2I,
El Toro/Lake Forest, CA
(949) 837-7231


17582 17th St # 103,
Tustin, CA
(714) 838-2300


Eats Durian said...

First, typo police: "The sushi chefs are from Japanese"

Dinner here when I come visit? Hahahahahaha.

Madison said...

Many thanks typo police and since you corrected me, I guess it is only fair that I take you to dinner here! ;o) Searching for Macaron Battle 2 locations. Hehe!

Nobel4Lit said...

A note to anyone who reads this: if you get the curry udon here, your system will clean itself out the next day. Not a bad thing, but just a warning.

Diamond Dog said...

I did a write up on this place a while ago. I have been going here for a long time now.