Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Japanese Spaghetti? Yes!

This past weekend Sister K and I went to the local Japanese supermarket to carbo-load for the LA Marathon. There is a food court area inside the market with a couple of stands that specializes in Japanese food. Not sushi as you may expect, more like ramen, udon, soba and curry pork katsu over rice. We went with ramen.

After dinner, we went into the market to pick up some groceries. Look what I found! Ume or Japanese pickled plum. I first had Japanese Ume Spaghetti at Cafe Hiro. It sounds weird but it is delicious. The Japanese has their own way of putting a spin to dishes that are not commonly Japanese. Spaghetti is one of those dishes. They also have their version of curry and hamburger. I know that the Curry House, a chain around California, serves this sort of food. I may go there soon and post a review, just for your viewing pleasure! :)

So inside the packet are four separate smaller packets. The packet with the pink writing is the plum sauce and the packet with the black text is a seaweed garnish.

I decided to serve the Japanese Spaghetti with a side of sauteed garlic asparagus.

The spaghetti is boiling away.

Nice and al dente!

Mix the pink packet of sauce into the drained spaghetti.

TADA! Oh, I added some shredded roasted chicken breast to the pasta. Gotta say that this was really tasty. It isn't as good as the one I get at Cafe Hiro but that is to be expected since this came from a packet.

I made just enough for two dinners with enough leftover to make two lunches for tomorrow. Yum!

I was also planning to make some kale chips after I ate dinner but I didn't feel like it so I made chocolate chip pecan cookies instead. Toll House now has a smaller bag of chocolate chips, perfect for making just 2 dozen cookies instead of the usual 4 dozen with the regular size bag. I like the smaller bag much better. It made the perfect amount of cookies. There's my trusty old wooden mixing spoon. I make everything with that wooden spoon. It's a great cooking tool.

The bag always has you measure out the dry ingredients first but I like to mix the wet ingredients first.

Then I measure the dry ingredients, mix it in and add the chocolate chips and chopped nuts. I love pecans, so that is what I used. When I make these for Sister K she asks for them without any nuts. She doesn't have a nut allergy, she is just weird for not liking nuts because they are the bomb.

Fresh out of the oven!

And at my place, when you make cookies, he will come...the Cookie Monster. He will not only eat the cookies but he will somehow get the bright idea to make a Cookie Dough Ice Cream Sandwich with a side of cookie dough ice cream...oh yes he did!

And I...well I had a bowl of grapefruit for dessert. What a life!

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Glenn Jones said...

If you like Japanese spaghetti and find yourself around Gardena, you *must* stop at the Spoonhouse Bakery and Restaurant on Redondo Beach Blvd across the street from Marukai. Simply amazing. Also, if you're going to get serious about Japanese spaghetti, don't forget the Tabasco!