Monday, March 14, 2011

d.Vino (Italian Restaurant) - Monte Carlo Hotel, Las Vegas, NV

Rao's. The story of how we all ended up having dinner at d.Vino's started with wanting to eat at Rao's over at the Caesar's Palace. Obviously Rao's didn't end up as planned. We thought we were special and did not bother to make a reservation and when we showed up in the afternoon to get a reservation, they laughed at us and said that we should have made a reservation. Lesson learned. This dinner was suppose to be Sister K's belated birthday dinner but the excitement of being in Las Vegas caused everyone to think very little of making a reservation...anywhere.

Fortunately, all was not lost. We ended up getting a reservation at the Italian restaurant d.Vino right downstairs at the Monte Carlo. Frankly, I had no regrets. I really enjoyed my meal here.

You walk pass the cheese display on your way into the dining area. Why yes, I will have one of each!

Sister K checking out the oyster bar. I was also checking out the oyster bar but then who else would snap this photo?

The menu.

Then this complimentary toasty bread board came out...

...complete with soft, warm, toasty Italian bread...

...roasted head of garlic...

...and pesto... How's that to start things off?

Okay, you know I had to go there...

These oysters were simply amazing. I need more oysters in my life.


For my entree, I ordered the Seafood Linguini, except I wanted spaghetti in place of linguini. Turns out switching the pasta was not the best move as spaghetti somehow does not work as well with the other items. It was slipping and sliding everywhere. But it was delicious. Flavorful, light and expensive at $26. This is actually a very small portion and I am not a big eater but I was still a bit hungry after wards.

Inside the Monte Carlo Hotel
Las Vegas, NV

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