Friday, March 11, 2011


These flowers are so beautiful! I decided to make dinner last night but was not sure what to make. I had purchased a lot of produce the other day in hopes of eating more salads this week so I knew that salad would be on the menu. But what to eat with it?

When I got to the grocery store after work, I saw some beautiful large peeled uncooked shrimps. Muscles wanted steak. As a compromise we ended up making a surf and turf salad. I marinated the shrimps in olive oil and some seafood seasoning from Trader Joe's and pan seared it for one min each side. This turned out so good! I'm ready for the weekend now. It's Friday baby!!

I hate to admit this but I love these cookie-brownies.

I bake them in a muffin tin so that they are already portioned out. Yum!

This weekend will be my final long run before the LA Marathon. It's been a rough training period this time around. Several bouts of sickness has really derailed my training progress but I am grateful that as I type this that I am feeling better. I am very excited to run my 6th LA Marathon on March 20th and I plan to enjoy it from beginning to end.

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