Thursday, October 28, 2010

True Food Kitchen - Newport Beach, CA

About a month ago during a long run with some of my Back Bay running buddies, I overhead 2 of them talking about a new organic restaurant that just opened its doors over the summer at Fashion Island in Newport Beach. Yeah, I learn a lot of things on those long runs. I mean you really get to know a person when you spend 2-3 hours doing nothing but run and sweat. ;) Anyways, back to True I drove by the restaurant later that week to have a look at the outside and it was very simple and had a really nice patio area with a long rectangular fire-pit and cushioned seating, perfect for outside dinner with friends when the weather is nice. I ended up coming back here on my actual birthday to have dinner. Unfortunately it had been rainy the whole day, so the outside patio area was all wet. But the inside was really neat. The whole place has a very natural feel to it. Lots of wood everywhere...floor, tables. The bar is pretty awesome as well! Great area to sit while waiting for your table. They serve mixed drinks with a very fresh twist. I just walked by and noticed all the potted wheat-grass and fruit/veggies that adorned the bar, I didn't order anything so I cannot comment on the drinks. Perhaps just for the sake of being thorough on this review, I should go back and try out a few drinks. ;) Once again...the things I do for this blog. :)

We sat in an area of the restaurant that could be sectioned off for cooking classes and yoga I was told. Lululemon sometimes rents this area out for yoga sessions followed by a healthy lunch. Yes, please! I love this large wooden table. I wish I had one at home. So much surface space to work on. It would probably take up all the space in my apartment.

Honey Lemonade $3 - you can definitely taste the honey in this lemonade.

Shrimp Dumplings (Shiitake mushrooms, ginger and cilantro) $11 - this was really tasty with a savory broth! I would definitely order this again.

A close-up of the tastiness

Turkey Burger (Provolone, lettuce, tomato, avocado on a flax seed bun) - $12. The massaged kale salad was really good.

Chicken Sausage Pizza (tomato and fennel - I ordered mine without cheese) - $12. This was amazing!

Flour-less chocolate cake over pecan caramel sauce with vanilla ice cream on the side.

They also have a wine cellar room that is perfect for business dinners or private parties because this area can be closed. It is encased in glass walls.

I came back again on 3/19/2011. 

True Food Kitchen - Fashion Island
451 Newport Center Dr.
Newport Beach, CA 92660
(949) 644-2400


Lori said...

Very nice! I'm so jealous you get to experience that new restaurant!

I used to live near there and worked at the Newport Beach Marriott right there in Fashion Island... and there definitely wasn't anything that great around there... um... except for Sprinkles Cupcakes (which was dangerous). ;)

Glenn Jones said...

Hmmm. Maybe I'll have to try it out. Like tonight. I saw the sign the other day, but was still bummed that the Blue Coral (the restaurant that used to be there) closed....