Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me!

Technically my birthday was yesterday and this is a recap of my birthday celebration this past weekend. Thank you to my family for always making my birthday such a special time for me. Photo recap because it is just so much easier this way.

Inside this card was some addresses, it was a scavenger hunt of sorts.
In the car on the way to the first location. I am wearing a new dress but I didn't have time to do anything with my hair.
Cru, an organic, raw, vegan, vegetarian restaurant in the heart of Silverlake. I will be reviewing this restaurant in a future post.
Silverlake, it is so urban and hippy.
I'm trying to capture the urban aspect of the area but it doesn't really show up very well in this photo.
My lovely sisters, always looking put together.
The guys, looking terrified and sad at the aspect of having to eat raw and vegan food! Haha.
Guess what kind of cake I had?
I've never seen these forks before but they were not very useful in eating the cupcake.
Presents! Recap of presents on a later post.
And because we ate so healthy for dinner. We needed to wash it all down with some hot wings...
...and some carrot sticks. Yeah, who are these people I hang with?

Cute cards from the sisters!
Cupcakes! So cute!
A present from Sister J! What's inside?
Tada...goodies from Nike, Clif and Larabar, etc. Thank you Sister J! 

I came here on my actual birthday. New place to eat! Review later.
Chicken sausage (no cheese) pizza! Yum.
What better way to end my birthday than with this?

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Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! We have the same birthday :)