Saturday, October 9, 2010

The Day Before The Chicago Marathon!

I think I spent too much time on my feet today but Chicago is full of things to see and do. Hope I don't regret it tomorrow. Here are some highlights of today...

Started the morning here. Had some gross multi-grain pancakes and had to wait for 45 minutes to be seated. Meh!

I miss my puppy so much!

Saw a bunch of these legs statues clustered tomorrow. Some sort of art display at Grant Park.

Photo captured by Sister K

Grant Park is full of things to see. Observatory, Aquarium, Zoo, etc. Decided to go to the Field Museum. 

Mainly to see things like this...

 And this...

And some really big totem poles.

A jade display. This is also my Chinese name!

It was a beautiful day in Chicago! Cool day time skyline.

More skyline...

Willis Tower in the distance.

This is the final stretch to the FINISH line, way at the end there in the photo.

By early afternoon we decided to go and find a Giordano's Pizzeria. It was further than I had thought, but we finally found it.

Photo credit to Sister K

This is a fake display. Can you tell? Still looks yummy, right?

Here's the real deal. It was really very good, even after I took all the cheese off. I know I committed a crime by doing that but that was how much I had wanted to try it.

We love some anchovies with our pizza!

Photo credit to Sister K

We ended up here for the carbo load dinner. It was an utter madhouse! We thought that by moving away from the host hotel area that we would avoid the crowds. No such luck. I guess with 50K people in town to run a marathon that was just wishful thinking. Good thing we had reservations, so no waiting! I had some spaghetti with marinara sauce and bread. I didn't take a photo of the food because I was dining with lots of people and had not wanted to be "odd".

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Glenn Jones said...

Vey cool photos! I used to work for Arthur Andersen - spent my fair share of time in Downtown....