Sunday, October 10, 2010

Exploring Chicago - Day 3

I will write a proper race report soon but this post is about what I did after the Marathon. So this was my third day here in Chicago and I am finally getting the hang of taking the CTA metro around town, to be careful when crossing the streets because drivers here have no respect for pedestrians what-so-ever, and I have a better understanding of how people can love this bustling city. It is full of museums, restaurants, parks and amazing architectural wonders.

Here's a preview of my Chicago Marathon bling and some beautiful flowers from Sister K! Thank you!
After I got back to the hotel room and took a much needed shower, Sister K and I went to have tea here. I will post a separate post on this restaurant at a later date.
We love afternoon tea!
We decided to do some walking and sightseeing so I can stretch my legs out and not get stiff legs later.
Large water structure with faces of real Chicagans. Image changes constantly.
It is a really hot day today and lots of people were playing at the water structure. There were 2 of those structure, like bookends.
Then we walked a bit more to Millennium Park.
Because I really wanted to see "the bean". I love it!
Sister K is so strong!
More buildings. There are a lot of buildings here and I have a ton of photos of different buildings but I feel like I've already posted enough.
Structure at Millennium Park.
And another one. This one is totally weird!
And one last one.
I saw this large eye in passing yesterday and came back today to get a better "look" at it. LOL! What a large eye!

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Nobel4Lit said...

Ha ha... I can't believe you actually went to see that bean.