Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Day 80 - Wednesday

Breakfast - 9:30am
1/2 cup cooked rolled oatmeal w/ wheatberries, dried berries and nuts w/ PB.
2 boiled egg whites
1/2 toasted whole grain english muffin w/ PB
1/4 fruit cup

Snack - 11:30am
1/2 cup of melons
1/2 toasted whole grain english muffin w/ PB

Midday workout - 12:00pm
Cardio - run 4.5 miles

Lunch - 2:30pm
Baked cod w/ brown rice and steamed spinach
1 medium orange

Snack - 4:00pm
1/2 toasted honey wheat bagel
some dried tropical nut mix

Dinner - 7:00pm
Sauteed ground beef w/ diced tomato and mushrooms in marinera sauce w/ brown rice and black beans
Sauteed french green beans
1/2 medium orange
1 green apple w/ Tajin

Snack - 9:00pm
1 toasted english muffin w/ PB
1/2 medium orange

Note: I forgot to talk about this yesterday but that tuna lunch kit I had for lunch included a small mint in the pack. It's funny because I just think there is no getting rid of tuna breathe. I didn't even try!

Morning brushing: done
Night brushing: done


Durian Eater said...

I add onions to my tuna sandwiches.
and I don't have mints after.

Durian Eater said...

no kiddingggggg those cookies were amazing. I want some now :(
I'm feeling weak on the clean eating front, but since I'll be in La Jolla tomorrow and this weekend that's not something I'm even going to worry about. :/