Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Clean eating and fish

So during these past couple of months of me trying to eat cleaner, I've learned alot about cooking and seasoning and discovered that seasoning IS the spice of life..haha. Well, when you can't use bread crumbs or oil or heavy sauces; seasoning and lemon juice are your new best friends. During this time, I was also trying to eat more lean protein source and I don't like chicken much so I was trying to eat more fish but I don't really like fish either. That is until one day I purchased a large package of cod filet from Costco and a jar of seafood seasoning from Trader Joe's. All I did was cut up the cod into small squares, topped it with this seasoning and some lemon juice and baked it. It turned out really good and I eat it all the time now. I wanted to find a picture or ingredient lists of what is in that seasoning but I could not. Maybe I will go home tonight and take a photo and list the ingredients later on. It is mainly dried herbs but it makes the cod taste so good. I haven't tried it with other fish but I am pretty sure it would taste just as good. Trader Joe's is like one of those places that I think is healthy but I find alot of stuff there that are not so good for you or stuff I can not eat. I recently discovered that my beloved creamy tomato soup had dairy in it. I really should read labels more carefully. Things I love about Trader Joe's: nuts, buffalo burger and ground chicken patties, olive oil and seasonings, inexpensive fresh basil and their mixed grain rice (this stuff is comparable to wheatberries in your oatmeal folks).

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