Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Day 66

Morning workout - 7:30am
Cardio - stair climber - 30 mins
Elliptical - 15 mins

Breakfast - 9:30am
1/2 cup cooked mix oatmeal w/ wheatberries and PB
3 boiled egg whites
1/4 medium orange

Midday workout - 12:00pm

Lunch - 2:30pm
Chicken patty w/ brown rice, black beans and sauteed asparagus/green beans
1/4 medium orange

Snack - 4:00pm
Handful of mixed nuts and dried fruit
1/4 medium orange & 1/8 apple

Dinner - 7:00pm - Banh mi Che Cali
Chicken banh mi - short roll not baguette kind
1 triangle of glutinous rice with meshed mung beans in the center (this thing is steamed) - it was not that great
1 jelly coconut drink

Note: So the reason you haven't seen alot of variety in photos lately is because I've been eating the same boring thing day in and day out. I cooked a large pot of brown rice earlier in the week and have been eating that with some veggies and beans and lean protein of the day for most meals. Looks pretty uninteresting. I tried to include some photos but after a while it was just the same food in different combinations. Anyways, I will probably cook something new next week. I've been wanting to experiment with cooking Indian style food with the beans. Let's see how busy I am.

Also, I've been trying not to eat so much PB again. It's weird but I can tell immediate within a few days if I've been over doing it with the PB. I wish I didn't love it so. I am now eating it just twice a day, with my oatmeal in the morning and my cracker at night. I should not eat it at night but sometimes I just cannot help myself. Having a really hard time finding good protein snack foods since I cannot eat dairy or soy. Maybe more beans? :s

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