Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Day 59

Breakfast - 10:00am
1/2 cup cooked blueberry whole grain oatmeal from Trader Joes topped w/ mixed nuts and dried fruit
3 boiled egg whites

Midday workout - 12:00pm - drink protein shake while working out
Cardio - run 5.0 miles on treadmill (yuck)
Back - some

Lunch - 3:00pm
Baked cod w/ spinach and brown rice
1/2 toasted honey wheat bagel w/ PB
1/2 medium apple

Snack - 4:30pm
1 cutie
1/2 medium apple
1/2 toasted honey wheat bagel

Dinner - 7:00pm - Claim Jumpers
Shrimp and scallop skewers on basmati rice w/ side of mixed green
1/4 corn bread muffin
Some cantaloup and grapes
a few spoons of steak chili

Snack - 9:00pm
1 cup strawberries

Note: It was raining at 5am this morning so the long run got rescheduled until tomorrow. However, I think it will end up getting pushed to Saturday. Although I think it is raining then as well.

Goal: To get to sleep by 10pm tonight.

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